Revature Offers Pointers for Acing Tech Job Interviews

The job search process after graduation, especially the interviews, can be quite overwhelming and exhausting. Tech interviews can intimidate even seasoned interviewees, and hence they might seem extremely complex for fresh graduates. Hence, tech talent development companies like Revature even provide specialized training and guidance for acing these interviews. Many tech companies today take candidates through several rounds of interviews, each with its own focus. Keeping a clear mind and maintaining confidence is vital for faring well in these rounds, in adding to having the requisite knowledge.  

Revature underlines certain tips that can help candidates to fare well in tech job interviews

Preparing for a job interview is not easy for fresh graduates, especially if the process includes a technical interview. But they can increase their odds of faring well in the interview by taking a few simple steps, such as:

  • Research the company: First of all, one needs to research on the company where they want to get a job. People can learn about almost any major company through their website, new articles and varying online resources. The topics to focus on shall include:
  • The mission statement of the company
  • Their services and products
  • Company culture
  • Hiring or interview information
  • Recent news or marketing campaigns of the company

During the research, one must learn as much as possible about the unique attributes of the company, its leadership, key competitors and company values.

  • Closely study the job description: After gaining a good understanding of the company, it shall be time to focus on the job posting. Candidates must go through the job description and properly observe the interview questions. They must identify important skills or competencies mentioned in the job description and try to find examples that can show their expertise in those areas. For instance, in case the posting requires project management skills, one must keep in mind the times they have led projects efficiently, even if it was for college assignments.
  • Practice answers to common interview questions: Questions related to education background, technical skills and career goals come in almost every job interview. Hence, one must prepare answers to such questions in advance.
  • Reflect on and review past examples of work: The interviewer will already have the resume of the candidate with them. Hence, instead of simply repeating points from the CV, candidates must expand on their accomplishments to and give examples of projects they have worked on previously.
  • Practice answers to technical questions: Interviews for tech based jobs often come with technical questions. The specific questions would depend on the job title and the role, but in general, interviewers try to know how a candidate will approach problems and how well they can collaborate with different teams. It is imperative that candidates brush up on their technical skills before the interview. Joining programs offered by Revature after graduation can also be a good way to get trained in the most in-demand skills in the tech field.

While giving the interview, one must not get nervous if they are not being able to answer a specific technical question. In most cases, interviewers focus on the approach and problem-solving capabilities of the candidate than the specific answer. Hence, they need to keep their approach calm, collected and confident.