Bruce Weber Speaks About Underwater Photography

There is something about underwater photos. Be it scenic or wildlife, being underwater adds some artistic angles to the photos. Those who want to elevate the quality of their photos by splashing them with aesthetic touches can get underwater to click images. Underwater photography gigs are available for everyone who is looking for some lucrative ways to make money through their photography skills. However, before one gets underwater to take photos, one needs to know about the fundamentals of ocean photography or underwater photography. Veteran photographers who are in this industry for a long time, know about underwater photography and they can help those who want to learn. 

Bruce Weber On Underwater Photography

Anyone can take some snaps while freediving. However, the real depth comes when photographers take shots during scuba diving. Bruce Weber is a skilled underwater photographer who has been offering tutorials to aspiring photographers for a long time. Even though Bruce started his photography career as an art photographer, he moved over to commercial photography later in his life and earned his success from it. Bruce has been experimenting with different types of photography for a long time. Ocean photography is one of his passions which he has indulged in many times. Bruce tells people that to take the best underwater shots, one needs to go scuba diving. It allows photographers to take their desired shots from the proper angle. Freediving does not allow a photographer time to balance the camera and get into the right setting. People who take photos while freediving, end up getting rushed and hurried images. It does not pay off in the long run. 

Underwater photography, despite its richness, is not easy to master. In fact, people who want to take underwater photos must invest time to practice before looking for the right gig. Underwater photography is difficult to master and due to this reason, aspiring photographers need to seek guidance from experienced ones.

Things To Remember

When someone is getting under the water to take photos, one needs to remember a few essential facts. Without these underwater photography will lose its aesthetic angle. 

Wide Angle Shots

If one gets in touch with a veteran photographer, one will come to know that the most common advice to follow for underwater photography is – to use a wide-angle camera setting. Those who are just getting started with this type of setting needs to know that a fusion of scenic and wide-angle shot can transform a photograph easily. For this reason, one needs to go with a wide-angle setting when shooting underwater.

Wildlife Photos

There is a misconception that to take wildlife photos one needs to go to the forest. However, this is not true, one can get underwater to take wildlife photos as well. There is a plethora of wildlife creatures available under the ocean. A photographer can click these pictures to make an impressive portfolio. Also, one does not have to go hunting wild sharks underwater to look fascinating. 

As per Bruce Weber, even taking pictures of underwater plants and corals can add value to one’s portfolio. Therefore, when one is getting started, one needs to pay attention to everything.