The Top Benefits of TABC Licensing Every Business Owner Should Know

TABC certification is important for anyone in the service industry because it proves you understand state alcohol laws and know what constitutes responsible alcohol service. Having this training helps protect you, your employer and the public.

Increased Brand Value

In the hospitality industry, being TABC certified isn’t just a line on a job application; it’s an endorsement demonstrating an in-depth understanding of Texas alcohol laws and a commitment to customer safety. It also helps employees avoid liability issues and build their career potential. The TABC licensing process can seem daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. By navigating city alcohol regulations, applying for licenses and permits, and keeping up with renewal requirements, businesses can avoid costly repercussions like fines, damage control expenses, lost business, or even legal action. This is especially important when you’re dealing with customers who may be underage or intoxicated. Staying TABC-certified is the best way to protect your brand.

Legal Compliance

Getting a TABC certification means you have completed the necessary alcohol seller-server training and understand the laws related to your business. A TABC certificate has several benefits, including knowing how to check IDs and understand the effects of intoxication. These are critical skills to ensure you are not selling to minors or intoxicated people. TABC certification also protects you from liability if an employee violates the law in your establishment. This is a very important benefit that should be noticed. 

Increased Sales

Having a TABC certification can help you sell more liquor. This is because customers know you and your employees are well-trained and have the necessary skills to serve them properly. In addition, a TABC certification demonstrates that you are a professional in your field and have taken the time to learn your craft. It also gives you a competitive advantage over businesses that do not offer it. You can even get around needing a permit by having BYOB (Bring Your Beverage) policies or offering free alcohol. However, remember that the free alcohol must have no strings attached, like a “free margarita with the purchase of a meal” type offer. This is not a loophole that TABC agents will recognize.

Better Customer Service

Customers can feel more confident that your employees are well-trained when they ask about certain drinks or what they might need to know before purchasing. In addition, a TABC certification can help reduce liability when dealing with intoxicated patrons and underage drinking. It is important to renew your TABC certification before it expires. Not only can doing so protect your business from fines and fees, but it also ensures that you continue to be a trusted seller of alcohol. This is especially important when you consider that letting your TABC license or permit expire can negatively impact your job opportunities, career progression and income.

Increased Employee Satisfaction

A TABC certification makes employees more marketable in restaurants, bars, wineries, breweries, and catering services. It also opens up other job opportunities like security, management and law enforcement careers directly related to alcohol sales. Customers tend to give better tips to certified staff due to their knowledge of alcoholic beverages. A TABC certification also shows your dedication to responsible alcohol service, which creates trust with your customers and regulatory bodies. Getting the city, county and comptroller to sign off on your L-Cert early in the process is crucial to avoid delays in getting your permit. It’s also important that your business plan aligns with the type of alcohol you want to sell and that there are no municipal ordinances or restrictions that would prevent you from selling at a certain location.