How To Color Leather Shoes

Being being among the most frequent subjects our customers check into is how exactly to color leather sneakers. Some desire to get their kicks from boring to daaaaymn! or, probably, they are actually faced with switching a hundred sets of neutral personality shoes into custom made creations.

WHAT YOU WILL NEED: color for leather

% Alcohol

Angelus Professional Buckskin Paint

Paint Brushes

Meltonian Shoe Cream

Terry material rag or previous washcloth

DURABLE Protective gloves

Protective Mask

Surroundings tight jars

Masking Tape

Hair Dryer

Optional-Angelus Finishes

Polishing rag or even old pantyhose

The initial term everyone discovers in a specialist kitchen is mis-en-place which translates possess your stuff together. Properly, that principle is essential in this system as well. You’ll want your entire substances create in an effective ventilated, correctly lit region. When possible consider work outside. Work table ought to be nicely covered aswell.


Remember the standard of your prep has everything concerning the quality of one’s paint job.

Most instructions start by removing the waxy end, dirt and natural oils with deglazer or even preparer or if you are seriously changing colour, making use of acetone to remove the colour aside. Really the only issue with this method is the products are usually flammable and very volatile with dangerous fumes. This intense stripping furthermore changes the essential character from the buckskin, raising the teeth over a even buckskin making it experience nearly like suede.It destroys the integrity from the buckskin, Anthony believes, thus he wants to take a very much gentler method. He utilizes % Isopropyl Alcoholic beverages to remove the sneakers before artwork. He only breaks or cracks through the most effective layer of the final on a brand new shoe and therefore he will not find it necessary to totally remove every one of the color from the footwear that he’s painting. He prefers utilizing an previous washcloth or perhaps a terry material rag rather than a even rag as its small abrasiveness helps in removing the final. Remember Alcohol is certainly highly flammable aswell, nevertheless the fumes are usually much less poisonous. You’ll nevertheless must function in a well-ventilated region and avoid open heat resources. While some specialists dont use masks, it is strongly recommended and needed for a person with a respiratory issue. Every one of the advantages, do, however, use gloves, between your threat of melts away from the alcoholic beverages as well as the staining from the paint for the fingers its simply foolish to never.

Following the alcohol evaporates (approx. 5 to 10 minutes) you’re actually prepared to move on.

SECOND Stage: Paint

Painting could be a frustrating procedure. Your alternatives are usually patience or disappointment from damaged and flaking sneakers.

Make use of masking tape to face mask off of any areas you do not want to color,

Anthony makes use of Angelus Leather Color, but rather of deploying it as it originates from the container he or she thins it lower with drinking water until, this individual says, it is the uniformity of Bisquick [or even pancake batter].

Anthony loves to color 3 thin jackets. Several thin jackets wear much better than many thick ones and offer more handle over flaking and breaking,

Apply color with short also strokes being careful to erase the edges in order to avoid obtaining ridges. Anthony utilizes angled brushes to facilitate that.

After he finishes painting his very first coat Anthony runs on the hair dryer to assist within the drying course of action. A dryer will a thing or two. First it reduce wraps the color to the footwear and 2nd, it smooths out any undesirable clean strokes by melting the color straight into the prepared natural leather.

When applying another coating Anthony demonstrates to achieve much better coverage you need to brush within the paint within the in contrast direction from the initial coat, i.electronic. if you color the first layer heel to bottom, you should utilize the second layer perpendicularly on the uppers from the shoe.

Dry this layer with a locks dryer when you did the initial.

Apply the best coat, once more alternating direction from another. Once you dried out this coating using the hairdryer you’re prepared for the next thing.

THIRD Phase: Protect

Finishes serve 2 purposes. They include defense that preserves your color job, and they also can also provide your sneakers a matte or shiny surface area. Although Angelus can make several finishes to select from, Anthony prefers to perform his sneakers with Meltonian footwear cream. After app Anthonys preference would be to buff the sneakers with pantyhose, even so, you may work with a gentle cloth or previous tee-shirt – far more you buff, the bigger the gloss. If you wish to ramp up the color or shine from the finished product, enables get creative.

Getting Creative:

If you want the color that you’ve painted you might use a natural Meltonian polish being a finisher. If you’d like tokick it up a notch and enhance your colour you may utilize the exact same colour or slightly various colour Meltonian shoe lotion (they have a broad and complementary colour palate) to perform your footwear. That’s where the enjoyable and challenge starts. It requires learning from your errors to get the appearance you need and most likely some knowledge of colour theory. Make sure you, dont arrive this far and ruin your item – become judicious while you customize the ultimate. You can often return back and do it again the task with an impression more colour.

If you’d like your shoes to have a really high sheen it is possible to mix your foundation colour into metallic color such as metallic or gold. You need to judge the proportions by vision until you accomplish the required color, once again become prudent together with your metallic additions.


If you’re artwork delicate, soft or worn sneakers, stuff the feet with newspapers or plastic material bags to produce a smooth surface.

If you were painting a light color greater than a dark wall in the home you need to prime the wall very first, it is the same with shoes or boots. If you are lightening up a dark or other darkish shoe primary it having an preliminary coat of whitened or, at the very least, neutral. That’s particularly important if you’re painting having a metallic or neon color.

If you’re artwork with metallic colours, use a foundation coat in an identical, yet nonmetallic color. This provides an even more actually surface for that metallic coat.

If painting shoes in several colors, focus on the lightest colour first, after that progress towards the darker colour. If you create a blunder, its better to cover it by artwork dark over lighting instead of vice versa.

Make use of good quality brushes not really wool daubers for painting. Daubers are usually meant for using dye or polish, not really paint as well as the angled brushes minimize heart stroke scars. The brushes won’t need to be natural, artificial is okay.

When making custom made colors, combine them up just before painting, store within airtight storage containers and be sure to create the formula lower.

Anthony includes a last recommendation which harkens back to the famous journalist Don Hewitt and a good acronym this individual drilled into his correspondents, KISS = Hold It Basic, Stupid! Without offense meant, that should be the view phrase as a result of this project.