Evan Bass Men’s Clinic Guides Men About The Way To Live a Quality Life 

According to medical studies, men carry a higher risk of disease and die earlier than women. They come across illness ill at an earlier age and struggle with them longer than women. Heart and cardiovascular disease, diabetes, stroke, and depression are the primary male killers. As per the physicians of Evan Bass Men’s Clinic, males should take necessary care of their health to enjoy a long and quality life. This article focuses on the leading diseases experienced by millions of men worldwide.  

Heart disease  

Heart disease can manifest in different forms and most of them can result in serious to life-threatening conditions if not cared timely. Around 30% of men in the US have certain forms of cardiovascular disease. Consequently, hypertension, blood pressure, and stroke are also common in men under the age of 45. Having routine medical check-ups and changing lifestyles can help in managing heart-related risks. 


Diabetes is known to be the silent killer and 7th leading cause of death in the US. It increases the blood sugar levels silently which finally passes during urination. More frequent urination, thirst, tiredness, and blurred vision are the primary signs of diabetes. Those who experience such issues, need to consult with reputable clinics like Evan Bass Men’s Clinic to get diagnosed if they are a victim of high blood sugar. 

It is worth noting that if left uncared, persisting diabetes can lead to kidney and nerve damage and also make one vulnerable to heart diseases, blindness, stroke, etc. Men living their life with diabetes are highly prone to lower testosterone causing ED, sexual impotence, and consequential depression and fatigue. 


After heart disease, cancer is noted as the 2nd leading cause of death among males. Apart from lung, skin, oral colon cancer and male-specific prostate cancer are the most commonly detected cancers in males. With a thorough change in lifestyle, a healthy diet, and routine check-ups, one can stay away from this deadly disease. Applying sunscreen, quitting consuming tobacco in any form and alcohol as well as reducing intake of red meat can help lessen the risk of cancer. 

Mental health and depression

Although depression is experienced by both men and women, however, the signs and symptoms among them differ. A medical study reveals that while the foremost common symptom of depression is manifested through a feeling of sadness, males demonstrate a greater tendency than females to show feelings of anger, irritation, and aggressive feelings and also get addicted to substance abuse. This mental condition can often lead to suicidal tendencies. 

Therefore, males who experience trouble concentrating, feel tired, agitated, or face difficulty sleeping, or insomnia, should make sure to consult experienced counselors or psychotherapists. 

Erectile dysfunction

Many men don’t know that one of the leading causes of ED is atherosclerosis, the condition which also leads to heart attack and stroke. It is not often found that men with ED have blocked blood vessels that also hamper required blood flow in the penis. Apart from disturbing the sex life, ED is often considered an early symptom of cardiac disease. While ED is not life-threatening, people struggling with the problem should consult a doctor to get a solution and also avoid serious health problems. 

Those who suffer from any of the problems are suggested to consult a physician and control their lifestyle by saying ‘No’ to smoking, regular health check-up, intake of healthy diets, etc.