Are Promo Codes Your Ticket to Affordable Online Furniture Shopping?

Shopping for furniture online is much more common than ever before. It makes sense: Comparing prices, pieces and designs is more convenient. Coupon codes can be applied to most or all items in a cart at checkout, and they can offer discounts based on product or total value. These are typically alphanumeric values in the “Add Promo Code” box during the Article checkout process.

How They Work

From a business perspective, promo codes incentivize potential customers, increasing the likelihood that they’ll complete a sale. A simple discount can be the nudge that on-the-fence shoppers need to cross the finish line, particularly when e-commerce stores fight for shopper attention during the holidays and other peak shopping periods. Online furniture retailers may offer discounts like a Wayfair promo code to existing or new customers. Existing customers may receive a code through email, SMS or the store’s app, while new and potential shoppers can be supplied with one when they sign up for an account on the site or fill out a form such as a newsletter subscription. Many stores also prominently display and apply coupon codes during the checkout process, clearly showing customers what discounts they can expect to save.

In some cases, these codes come with exclusions or restrictions, such as minimum order amounts, and in such instances, the store may make clear what items are eligible to benefit from the promotion. Promo codes work because they incentivize consumers to purchase, tapping into the psychology of oxytocin – a chemical in the brain that makes people happy when given something for free. This is why many companies like to vary their discount incentives, giving users a fresh code each time they shop with them.

Stores That Offer Them

Whether you’re shopping for a new pair of pants or an HD TV, online retailers have been known to offer promo codes that help you score big savings. Some provide coupons for specific products. Stores that don’t accept promo codes may still have other ways to save, such as free shipping minimums or instant discounts on select items. Check out a retailer’s website’s section for these details. If a coupon code isn’t accepted, you should see an error message in the cart or a note on the checkout page that explains why the discount isn’t being applied. If you see this message, you can try again later to ensure the code is valid. Some coupons are publicly available, while others are restricted to specific customers or groups of shoppers, such as first-time buyers. You can often find these private codes by signing up for a retailer’s email list. Some retailers also match online-only pricing, meaning the same deal is available on their websites if browsing a specific item in stores. 

How to Find Them

If you’re shopping for furniture online, it’s worth checking out a store’s deals page before you purchase. This is where all current promo codes are listed in a central location, and clicking them automatically applies the discount to your cart.

Another way to find promo codes is by signing up for a loyalty program, which will often provide exclusive offers to members. Many retailers also offer their newsletters to customers, informing them of upcoming sales and promotions.

The most common types of e-commerce coupons are percentage discounts, which take a certain amount off the total order. These can be applied to the entire cart or specific items. Some stores will also offer free shipping as part of a promotion, which is an attractive incentive for shoppers. Some furniture stores will even offer free pickups from their warehouses for customers who want to avoid paying for delivery. This is especially important when ordering large pieces of furniture requiring assembly. It’s always worth asking for a discount, particularly from local furniture and home decor stores. While it may feel awkward, you stand to save hundreds of dollars if you ask and don’t get turned down. Some retailers will even give you a code to try again. If you’re ready to pull the trigger on your new purchase, consider signing up for a store credit card for additional benefits like special promotional offers.

How to Use Them

There are a few common ways to use a promo code. The most common is finding a coupon in your email inbox that can be used to save on your order, whether it’s free shipping or a discount off the total purchase amount. Check your social media accounts for coupons and other offers if you can. The other way to get discounts is to sign up for the retailer’s newsletter or to become a member of their loyalty program. These programs can provide extra perks like exclusive deals or even free furniture when you shop regularly. If you’re considering joining a loyalty program, understand the fine print before signing up. Some loyalty programs have heavy restrictions on the type of coupons they accept, and combining multiple coupons may not be allowed. Another way to save is to shop at stores that offer ongoing free shipping or a flat-rate minimum that doesn’t require a code. If you’re close to the free shipping minimum, consider how much another item would add to your order so that you know if it makes sense to pay for shipping. Finally, keep an eye on the online store’s sales page for items that are already discounted, and you can often get more savings by adding a promo code to those sale prices.